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Conference Papers + Moltmann's Greeting

Below you can find the contents of the speeches that were held in English in text form. For the videos, go to: youtube.com/toivohope

Peter Hiett: "Our Story and Our Hope" | + summary

Brad Jersak: "Daring to Hope: Ulimate Redemption in the Sacred Scriptures, Theology and Worship of the Early Church" (powerpoint)

Robin Parry: "The roles of Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience in journeys towards embracing universalism: An historical exploration of diversity in lived Christian experience"

Ilaria Ramelli: "Why Was Gregory of Nyssa Never Condemned? Among the Many Followers of Origen: Isaac of Niniveh and Julian of Norwich"

George Sarris: "Passages on Divine Judgment and Hope in the Bible"

In addition, here is Jürgen Moltmann's greeting for the conference: 

Greetings from me and Blessings from God
for your conference on Universal Salvation.

Universalism can be a very hot question between Christian groups: The ones are condemned for universalism and the others are despised for particularism.
If you start with the faith of believers you end up in dividing. Humanity in believers and unbelievers
the believers go to heaven and the unbelievers go to hell.
If you start withe grace of God every limitation or condition
would be a contradiction.
I am curious which solution your conference is finding.

Yet there is still another perspective in „Universal Salvation“:
the universe, the cosmos, die Welt.
With his resurrection Christ became the head of the cosmos: anakephalaiosis Ton Panton (Eph 1, 10).
We don`t live in a hostile world,
but in reconciled cosmos (2 Cor 5, 19).
Universal Salvation gives us hope for the world.
Will you discuss the cosmic Christ as well in your conference? 
I wish theological courage and humility.

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