perjantai 26. maaliskuuta 2021

A Podcast about Christianity and Universal Salvation

If you are interested in the relationship between Christianity and universal salvation, I recommend this new podcast: Grace Saves All: Christianity and Universal Salvation, with David Artman. Several of the speakers of this Hope conference (including Brad Jersak, Peter Hiett, Georges Sarris, Petri Tikka) are featured. Here are podcasts which feature me (the chairperson of the Hope conference):

Ep. 44 Petri Tikka from Helsinki, Finland on Being a Lutheran Pastor and a Christian Universalis‪t 

Ep. 45 Petri Tikka on Proclaiming the Gospel from a Christian Universalist Perspectiv‪e

(Jos olet suomea ymmärtävä, suosittelen Markus Finnilän "Harhaoppia"-podcastin jaksoa, vaikka kyse ei olekaan harhaopista.)

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