perjantai 11. syyskuuta 2020

Hope Conference Discount on Wipf & Stock Books

Robin Parry, one of the speakers in the Hope conference, is a theological editor for Wipf and Stock Publishers. He has kindly provided anyone interested in the conference an opportunity to acquire very good and relevant books on hopeful theology for a considerable discount. You can purchase any of the titles mentioned below at a 40 % discount. Email your order to and reference the coupon code "HOPEFUL". Offer expires by the end of October 2020. 

You can find links to the discounted books below for more info. I have marked the books involving speakers in the conference with an asterisk (*). All of the books are very relevant, but as an introduction to the subject of Universal Salvation, I would especially recommend Thomas Talbott's book The Inescapable Love of God. Or, alternatively, The Evangelical Universalist by Robin Parry. For a historical look at Christian universalism, I would recommend "All Shall Be Well" (edited by Robin Parry) or both of the two volumes of A Larger Hope? (by Ilaria Ramelli and Robin Parry). 

Petri Tikka, conference host

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